How We're Keeping Safe at Bojangles

please take a moment to read the information below . . .

Bojangles Covid Safety Guidelines

Naturally we realise that customers have real concerns about their family’s health and safety

in public places during these difficult times dealing with Covid so we have worked hard to make

coming to Bojangles a safe and enjoyable time.

For our customers peace of mind we have put in place a whole range social distancing

and Covid secure measures starting with fewer tables to allow more space between each group.

Each table has their own trolley which has the full selection of paints, palettes etc

so there is no sharing with other customers plus each trolley and contents will be

cleaned in the 30 minute gap between bookings.

There is also a screen across the counter and staff will have face masks.

We will have plenty of hand sanitizer at hand which we are encouraging every customer

to use in accordance with Government guidelines.

You can see what other measures we are taking on our Facebook page.

Our principle aim is to make all our customers feel safe and comfortable

while they pottery paint or when using the Cafe.

Spaces will have to be limited (as we have had to reduce the maximum numbers)

and as we are expecting a big up take so please make sure you book a table in advance.

Pottery Painting can be booked for 2 hour sessions.

There will be a 30 minute gap between all bookings Pottery Painting

to allow us to thoroughly clean the areas.

We asked all our customers to please follow social distancing guidelines

to help make everyone’s time are Bojangles both safe and enjoyable.

Thank You the Bojangles Team.